|| Good Resource Practice

The Good Fashion Show takes the issues of social responsibility and sustainability seriously and thinks that responsible, ethical and sustainable practices should start with ourselves.

Our resource policy aims at reducing the impact of The Good Fashion Show on the environment and at setting a clear sign that larger-scale events can nevertheless be ‘good’ events. Our environmental practices include:

|| Sourcing goods and products needed for the production of The Good Fashion Show from local suppliers to reduce our carbon miles.

|| Reducing the use of paper, cardboard, plastic, tins and food waste.

|| Reducing the use of electricity.

|| Choosing recycled materials and products whenever possible – for example by setting up and decorating large part of our spectacular exhibition spaces, including the designer catwalk, with kilometer zero and recycled materials.

|| Using eco friendly and organic products whenever possible.

|| Promoting public transport to and from The Good Fashion Show.

|| Seeking active partnerships with companies that share and support our ethos.

|| Communicating our resource policy and ethos to press and public.